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   Deben Senapati, a leader of organized crime whose legacy spanned decades and went beyond borders.


A generous philanthropist to his allies; a caring and doting father to his children and a ruthless unforgiving enemy to his adversaries.


He started off as a small time trader in the shady by-lanes of Kolkata and grew up in the ranks of (dis)organized crime with his sheer stealth and shrewd planning, supported by his brother Barin Senapati.


His undaunted love for his family and his unforgiving hatred for his rivals made him a legacy in the folklore of organized crime.


Senapati is about the legacy that he leaves behind when he falls defeated to a bullet of an unknown intruder who very well could be one of his own. 





"Learn fearlessness from the pigeons"

- Deben Senapati (1941 - 2016)

Rupen with Deben
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